Our story

Chargepay started back in 2003 as a single man operation while started running his first ecommerce website. Quickly the reality of compliance, regulations and challenges of dealing with high risk acquiring sink in. While exploring how other companies were dealing with all these challenges, we had our ah-ah moment: what if we tried to use all those restrictions and complexities as opportunities instead of seeing those as necessary evils? What is regulation could actually help us create opportunities and if well understood and addressed could actually allow us to be more competitive and be more profitable? And so from there we decided to open an office, and start building a small team that would have this mindset: regulation and compliance can be seen as ways to create and breed opportunity in the high risk merchant ecommerce ecosystem.

Our Mission

Where others see regulation, risks, compliance and rules in the high-risk ecommerce ecosystem as road blocks, we see those as opportunities to be more creative, more competitive, more innovative. All it takes is the right people with a different mindset. We are those people.

Our commitment to the community

We believe in our community. We are always finding ways to sponsor and contribute to local events that promote the well-being and help create strong bounds among the community. Lately we have been sponsoring local sporting events at the local swimming pool and football field.

Swimming Pool De Wel,
Julianalaan 1a, 2421 CV Nieuwkoop
web site: www.dewel.nl.